Our Services

  • Tickly Toddlers

    • Telemedicine service

      We are connected 24 hours with a network of pediatricians with which we can connect by videoconference before any medical emergency.

    • App class diary

      We have a mobile app in which we report all the advances and experiences of children where parents can access with their personal password and be connected to the center 24 hours.

    • Workshops

      There will be workshops of different types such as baby massages, psychomotricity, early stimulation, breastfeeding, first aid, etc., to which parents can go to our center and enjoy different experiences with their children.

    • Language Immersion

      We have native staff both Spanish and English, to contribute to bilingualism from an early age.
      In addition, they will be able to have extracurricular classes of English for the little ones and for the older ones with native teachers.